Return policy


How to return a product

If you are going or need to return any product, please email Aquarapid to You will soon receive an email informing you whether your request has been accepted or rejected, and clear instructions as to how to return the product. No return will be accepted unless previously authorised by Aquarapid in writing.


Free Size Change

The free size change service is only available for FOOTWEAR AND CLOTHING. If you have chosen wrong footwear width or clothing fit, you can apply for the size of one or more items to be changed within 3 days of the date of receipt of the product.


Requirements to meet to have any item replaced or reimbursed for

All returned products (other than products replaced under warranty) must be the same as when purchased. Therefore, they must be “in the same condition as when new” and ready to be sold again. None of the original seals, labels, tags, boxes or packaging must be damaged. In the event that this important requirement should not be met, the product will be considered as “used” and will then be returned to the sender, who will be charged transportation fees or shall pay a penalty, which may vary from 60% to 80% of the purchasing value, depending on the condition of the returned product. The rules for returning products are as follows:

  • Swimwear: Any item of clothing must be returned in the original packaging, with all its tags and labels attached. If the tags and labels are not attached, it will be assumed that the product has been used, and you will lose the right to have it replaced or reimbursed for. Any returned item must be new, must not have been worn or washed, and must not be marked, stained, torn and/or altered in any way.
  • Accessories: The product must be returned complete with labels in undamaged packaging. Any products packaged in plastic blister packs must be undamaged; in addition, the blister packs must not be open, and must be complete, for example, with accessories, cables, manuals and parts.


Transportation costs of returned products

The table below contains the rules for charging transportation fees in the most frequent return cases. If in doubt, please contact the Customer Service for further information.

Reason for returning an item Transportation costs charged to Expenses charged to
Non-compliant product Aquarapid Aquarapid
Product received damaged (DOA) Aquarapid Aquarapid
Size change  Aquarapid Aquarapid
Right to cancel Buyer Buyer
Changing product for another Buyer Buyer
Replacement under warranty Buyer Buyer


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